The Fabulous Founders

As previously mentioned a few times, Who, What, Wear is owned by Clique Media Group. The group owns Who, What, Wear, MyDomaine, Byrdie, Obsessee and CollegeFashionista, as well as INFnetwork.

Clique Media Group was started by Who, What, Wear founders Hillary Kerr and Katherine Powers. They are both former Elle editors who knew the ins and outs of the print magazine world and wanted to translate it for the internet. Kerr and Powers have also made their way into the world of book publishing, co-writing three books together about style, success and how to achieve your dreams.

Who, What, Wear was their first dive into the world of online-only magazines, which then led them to develop Clique, which eventually leads to all their other online brands as well as their clothing and accessory collection at Target and CMG Studios.

Since Who, What, Wear came from the heads of two women who once worked in print publications, Elle magazine was almost the foray of Who, What, Wear into the digital world. I don’t think there is any plan at all for any of their online publications to go to print because they all do reach so many corners of the world.

Who, What, Wear is greatly respected among the fashion industry, partly due to its amazing founders. Kerr and Powers grew this small brand from the ground up and into an entire media brand in a very short time. They are very much respected in the world of fashion and are looked up to by lots of young influencers.


Who Reads Who, What, Wear?

Who, What, Wear brings a huge community of fashion-loving men and women. It has a huge following on all its social media platforms. It is very successful across all its platforms of social media, and you can tell that by the number of followers who engage in its content both on the blog as well as on their social media platforms as well.

Who, What, Wear, as well as its sister sites, is available online for free, never asking for a subscription or any kind of readership fees. The publishers want fashion content to be accessible to anyone who is interested. If the site did cost money to read or subscribe to, I think it would lose a lot of its followers, especially since most of the readers of the blog are relatively young and in entry-level positions.

It does offer a pop-up right when you enter the site to enter your email to get newsletters, updates, and new article alerts from the site. I subscribe to Who, What, Wear as well as Byrdie and MyDomain and love the updates that they send to my inbox every day. The updates are partially what makes me want to check out the site every day.

Honestly, Who, What, Wear does a phenomenal job of how it connects and being together with their community of followers. They engage and chat with their followers daily, which brings a large sense of community to their blog and social media platforms.

The Readers

Who, What, Wear is a brand that is aimed toward stylish, young women who want to be informed on the latest styles, trends, and celebrity news. As addressed in the first post, its mission is “fashion + style decoded”, which is a mission that I think they really stand true to and their audience enjoys.

Who, What, Wear strives for its content to be accessible as well as shoppable and also be able to be serviceable to everyone who is interested.

There wasn’t a specific media kit for Who, What, Wear alone since it works very closely with i parent company Clique Media Group. The general audience for all of Clique Media Group (it publishes Who, What, Wear, MyDomain, Byrdie, CollegeFashionista and Obsessee) is very broad. It has over 13 million visitors to its sites per month and over 40 million social media followers. 93% of its readers are female, with 81% falling between the age range of 18-44.

These demographics show that Who, What, Wear is not only for the college-aged woman but for women of all ages. 85% of their its readers are college-educated, and the median household income of the readers is $91,000, which really goes to show that even educated, well-off people still turn to websites like this for style and fashion advice.

I think Who, What, Wear greatly follows its mission statement and executes it at a very high level. It doesn’t address much, which I think is what keeps it authentic and on the same page. All that is talked about on Who, What, Wear is fashion, style, and trends. But those topics are covered is great depth. Overall, Who, What, Wear does a fantastic job of connecting, addressing and informing its target audience.

So You Want to Follow Who, What, Wear?

Who, What, Wear is very modern in its use of social media tools, with over 40 million followers on all their platforms combined. It links its Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram directly to its site, allowing site visitors to have easy access to all of the platforms right away. It also links to its sister sites– Byrdie and MyDomain— which lets the reader receive more of the Who, What, Wear voice on different life aspects such as beauty and lifestyle.

After analyzing each of its social media platforms, I believe it all appears to have the same pattern. It shares articles based on which will appeal more to what site. So if it has a post that is image-centered, it shares it on Facebook and Pinterest where the user will click on it for its photo.

But if it has a post that is more text-driven then it would better be shared on Twitter, where a user would click on it for its content in the Tweet.

Its Instagram, however, is very interesting. It posts mostly street-style looks and outfit inspirations as opposed to articles linked to its site. It stays very true to the Who, What, Wear brand and followers it is trying to attract.

Who, What, Wear also highly engages with their followers over its social media platforms. It will respond to comments and talk to its followers through the comments on the platforms. I think this helps make it a very reachable and likable brand.

Who, What, Wear’s Content

The content of Who, What, Wear is unique and creative for an online fashion magazine.

Who, What, Wear doesn’t appear to have many stories with multiple sources. Instead, it creates its own content through research as well as photos. Who, What, Wear really doesn’t need stories with multiple sources because it is the one reporting on trends and creating the content.

The layout of the website is very inviting and easy-to-navigate, the most recent and newsworthy stories at the top and in the scroll bar. All of the articles have catchy titles to make the reader want to read the article, as well as small blurbs under the titles that pull the reader in.

A lot of articles are service-article types, such as How To, Expert Advice and Trend articles. It makes use of slideshows, putting lots of information about products into a slideshow format for readers to scroll through. It also has a few articles that interview fashion insiders to get their insight into their job and what they do.

It also does a lot of analysis on trends and celebrities. Instead of interviewing people, it analyzes things that celebrities are wearing or street style photos that pull together many trends.  It highlights a jacket trend that is big for the fall, showing what celebrities are wearing it, and then attach affordable options for readers to shop.

My current favorite article is What They Wore: New York Fashion Week, which highlights what the celebrities and influencers are wearing to New York Fashion Week. Who, What, Wear doesn’t follow the mainstream, instead it creates buzz about certain trends or certain celebrities, which is what really makes it stand out from the rest of the industry websites.

Unfortunately, Who, What, Wear doesn’t have an app, which is something that I think could increase its readership. But the website it nicely displayed in a mobile format that reflects the design of their online format.

Who is Who, What, Wear?

Ever feel the need to just catch up on all things fashion and style related? If so, Who, What, Wear is the place to visit!

Who, What, Wear is an online fashion magazine started by Hillary Kerr and Katherine Powers in 2006. Since its establishment, it has blossomed from a fashion blog to a full online fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine. The mission statement is “fashion + style decoded.”

The content of the website greatly fits with the textbook’s definition of a magazine. It offers stories about topics such as fashionshoppingcelebritieslifestyle and related topics. It has articles that give opinions as well as facts and news and it generally covers all topics of the fashion industry.

Although it doesn’t have many multisource stories, it creates content that influences other stories. It reports on trends and fashion news. Who, What, Wear has many different contributing editors who write about many different topics and bring a new perspective on the fashion industry and news.

The stories come from many different contributors and range from interviews with industry professionals to opinionated pieces, such as reviews and chat rooms.

Who, What, Wear is geared toward a very specific target market, and it greatly knows and understands its reader. Continually posting current content because they know their reader wants the most current news as soon as possible.

The online magazine also has a good amount of consistent content. It publishes a wide range of similar articles with reoccurring articles and pieces that the reader can look forward to.

Who, What, Wear is now owned by the parent company Clique Media Group, which the Who, What, Wear founders Hillary Kerr and Katherine Powers head.