Who, What, Wear’s Content

The content of Who, What, Wear is unique and creative for an online fashion magazine.

Who, What, Wear doesn’t appear to have many stories with multiple sources. Instead, it creates its own content through research as well as photos. Who, What, Wear really doesn’t need stories with multiple sources because it is the one reporting on trends and creating the content.

The layout of the website is very inviting and easy-to-navigate, the most recent and newsworthy stories at the top and in the scroll bar. All of the articles have catchy titles to make the reader want to read the article, as well as small blurbs under the titles that pull the reader in.

A lot of articles are service-article types, such as How To, Expert Advice and Trend articles. It makes use of slideshows, putting lots of information about products into a slideshow format for readers to scroll through. It also has a few articles that interview fashion insiders to get their insight into their job and what they do.

It also does a lot of analysis on trends and celebrities. Instead of interviewing people, it analyzes things that celebrities are wearing or street style photos that pull together many trends.  It highlights a jacket trend that is big for the fall, showing what celebrities are wearing it, and then attach affordable options for readers to shop.

My current favorite article is What They Wore: New York Fashion Week, which highlights what the celebrities and influencers are wearing to New York Fashion Week. Who, What, Wear doesn’t follow the mainstream, instead it creates buzz about certain trends or certain celebrities, which is what really makes it stand out from the rest of the industry websites.

Unfortunately, Who, What, Wear doesn’t have an app, which is something that I think could increase its readership. But the website it nicely displayed in a mobile format that reflects the design of their online format.


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