Who is Who, What, Wear?

Ever feel the need to just catch up on all things fashion and style related? If so, Who, What, Wear is the place to visit!

Who, What, Wear is an online fashion magazine started by Hillary Kerr and Katherine Powers in 2006. Since its establishment, it has blossomed from a fashion blog to a full online fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine. The mission statement is “fashion + style decoded.”

The content of the website greatly fits with the textbook’s definition of a magazine. It offers stories about topics such as fashionshoppingcelebritieslifestyle and related topics. It has articles that give opinions as well as facts and news and it generally covers all topics of the fashion industry.

Although it doesn’t have many multisource stories, it creates content that influences other stories. It reports on trends and fashion news. Who, What, Wear has many different contributing editors who write about many different topics and bring a new perspective on the fashion industry and news.

The stories come from many different contributors and range from interviews with industry professionals to opinionated pieces, such as reviews and chat rooms.

Who, What, Wear is geared toward a very specific target market, and it greatly knows and understands its reader. Continually posting current content because they know their reader wants the most current news as soon as possible.

The online magazine also has a good amount of consistent content. It publishes a wide range of similar articles with reoccurring articles and pieces that the reader can look forward to.

Who, What, Wear is now owned by the parent company Clique Media Group, which the Who, What, Wear founders Hillary Kerr and Katherine Powers head.


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