So You Want to Follow Who, What, Wear?

Who, What, Wear is very modern in its use of social media tools, with over 40 million followers on all their platforms combined. It links its Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram directly to its site, allowing site visitors to have easy access to all of the platforms right away. It also links to its sister sites– Byrdie and MyDomain— which lets the reader receive more of the Who, What, Wear voice on different life aspects such as beauty and lifestyle.

After analyzing each of its social media platforms, I believe it all appears to have the same pattern. It shares articles based on which will appeal more to what site. So if it has a post that is image-centered, it shares it on Facebook and Pinterest where the user will click on it for its photo.

But if it has a post that is more text-driven then it would better be shared on Twitter, where a user would click on it for its content in the Tweet.

Its Instagram, however, is very interesting. It posts mostly street-style looks and outfit inspirations as opposed to articles linked to its site. It stays very true to the Who, What, Wear brand and followers it is trying to attract.

Who, What, Wear also highly engages with their followers over its social media platforms. It will respond to comments and talk to its followers through the comments on the platforms. I think this helps make it a very reachable and likable brand.


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