The Readers

Who, What, Wear is a brand that is aimed toward stylish, young women who want to be informed on the latest styles, trends, and celebrity news. As addressed in the first post, its mission is “fashion + style decoded”, which is a mission that I think they really stand true to and their audience enjoys.

Who, What, Wear strives for its content to be accessible as well as shoppable and also be able to be serviceable to everyone who is interested.

There wasn’t a specific media kit for Who, What, Wear alone since it works very closely with i parent company Clique Media Group. The general audience for all of Clique Media Group (it publishes Who, What, Wear, MyDomain, Byrdie, CollegeFashionista and Obsessee) is very broad. It has over 13 million visitors to its sites per month and over 40 million social media followers. 93% of its readers are female, with 81% falling between the age range of 18-44.

These demographics show that Who, What, Wear is not only for the college-aged woman but for women of all ages. 85% of their its readers are college-educated, and the median household income of the readers is $91,000, which really goes to show that even educated, well-off people still turn to websites like this for style and fashion advice.

I think Who, What, Wear greatly follows its mission statement and executes it at a very high level. It doesn’t address much, which I think is what keeps it authentic and on the same page. All that is talked about on Who, What, Wear is fashion, style, and trends. But those topics are covered is great depth. Overall, Who, What, Wear does a fantastic job of connecting, addressing and informing its target audience.


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