The Fabulous Founders

As previously mentioned a few times, Who, What, Wear is owned by Clique Media Group. The group owns Who, What, Wear, MyDomaine, Byrdie, Obsessee and CollegeFashionista, as well as INFnetwork.

Clique Media Group was started by Who, What, Wear founders Hillary Kerr and Katherine Powers. They are both former Elle editors who knew the ins and outs of the print magazine world and wanted to translate it for the internet. Kerr and Powers have also made their way into the world of book publishing, co-writing three books together about style, success and how to achieve your dreams.

Who, What, Wear was their first dive into the world of online-only magazines, which then led them to develop Clique, which eventually leads to all their other online brands as well as their clothing and accessory collection at Target and CMG Studios.

Since Who, What, Wear came from the heads of two women who once worked in print publications, Elle magazine was almost the foray of Who, What, Wear into the digital world. I don’t think there is any plan at all for any of their online publications to go to print because they all do reach so many corners of the world.

Who, What, Wear is greatly respected among the fashion industry, partly due to its amazing founders. Kerr and Powers grew this small brand from the ground up and into an entire media brand in a very short time. They are very much respected in the world of fashion and are looked up to by lots of young influencers.


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