Who Reads Who, What, Wear?

Who, What, Wear brings a huge community of fashion-loving men and women. It has a huge following on all its social media platforms. It is very successful across all its platforms of social media, and you can tell that by the number of followers who engage in its content both on the blog as well as on their social media platforms as well.

Who, What, Wear, as well as its sister sites, is available online for free, never asking for a subscription or any kind of readership fees. The publishers want fashion content to be accessible to anyone who is interested. If the site did cost money to read or subscribe to, I think it would lose a lot of its followers, especially since most of the readers of the blog are relatively young and in entry-level positions.

It does offer a pop-up right when you enter the site to enter your email to get newsletters, updates, and new article alerts from the site. I subscribe to Who, What, Wear as well as Byrdie and MyDomain and love the updates that they send to my inbox every day. The updates are partially what makes me want to check out the site every day.

Honestly, Who, What, Wear does a phenomenal job of how it connects and being together with their community of followers. They engage and chat with their followers daily, which brings a large sense of community to their blog and social media platforms.


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