Creative Content & More!

The most creative part of Who, What, Wear is its editorial content.  With their unique article ideas accompanied by the beautiful photos the website chooses to publish, it really sets them apart from the competition of other online fashion magazines.

Who, What, Wear always seem to choose eye-catching photos that draw the reader into an article. Even if the photos are not its own (which they always cite the photographer if they are not). It does an amazing job at picking photos that have eye appeal. Who, What, Wear is a very visual heavy online magazine.

Its writers are also phenomenal, giving their amazing photos corresponding written content. Since it has all their own writers on staff, the content is original and unique and always stays very true to the Who, What, Wear brand. For example, articles such as “5 Items Every Fashion Girl Has in Her Spring 2017 Starter Kit” and “The Outfit Anna Wintour Wore Twice in 2 Weeks“. All those articles have content that you wouldn’t normally come by in a typical fashion magazine. But Who, What, Wear likes to go to the extremes, which I really admire about the website.

I also find some of its content to be super original and out of the box. Yes, it has the typical fashion content that deals with fashion week and the latest trends. But the website also has fun how-to tutorials and fun content that makes it super unique. Such as “Nike is Creating a Hijab for Female Athletes” and “How to Quit Shopping and Be Stylish” (who knew a fashion publication would want you to stop shopping).

It is evident that Who, What, Wear really knows its readers and their brand and that is what makes it such a successful online fashion publication.



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