Who, What, Wear’s Advertising

Who, What, Wear brings in lots of advertising for the site.  For all types of things that would appeal to its readers. Such as Secret deodorant, Frye, David Yurman and European Wax Center. These things greatly appeal to the young, female reader of Who, What, Wear.

However, the website doesn’t hit you with advertising like some websites do. Instead, the website only appears to have one advertisement per page of content. Currently, there only appears to be one ad for Secret deodorant on the home page, and then with every article that is clicked on one ad appears at the top of the page, or in a pop-up window. That is what I love so much about Who, What, Wear is the fact that it doesn’t overwhelm the reader with advertisements.

There is a differentiation between the editorial content and the advertisements. But it sometimes does have sponsored editorial posts, for example, there was a recent one with AG Jeans. I also do sponsored content that takes you right to the brand’s site that they are advertising. Who, What, Wear just did that with H&M’s new runway collection. You think you are clicking on an article to read, but it takes you straight to the H&M website to shop the collection.

Who, What, Wear always discloses if a post or content is sponsored. This enables them to keep an honest voice to their readers and let them know that it is advertising, but it is advertising it supports. Keeping the website true to its brand and very credible.


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